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Local Area Networking Disconnecting

I just upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium from Vista Home Premium and ever since my Local Area Network which takes me to the internet keeps disconnecting after a few minutes. I right click on the little icon on the lower right and the troubleshooter starts and it resets the adapter but after going back to the internet it will disconnect after a short time. My modem and router are fine because I have XP Pro on another drive on this computer and everything works fine there plus my XBOX 360 is hooked to the same router and when it is on it goes to XBOX Live no problem. Has anyone had this problem with the internet disconnecting in Windows 7?? Please let me know the fix if possible. Thank You.
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  1. Update your network drivers to start....
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    ^+1. Also make sure your LAN adapter isn't being put to sleep because your system thinks it is idle. You can adjust that in the Power settings, to never sleep.
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