graphics card wont fit? help plsss

i just got a geforce7950 after my old geforce 6600 started falling behind.

so i got it about aweek ago and so i took out my old card and tried to put in the new card but it wouldnt fit. i called one of my friends and he didnt know what to do so he came over, after trying doing different things he just told me to cut it. so i carefully tried to cut it straight across with a boxcutter (didnt have anything else at the time) but didnt manage to all the way, and it still didnt fit. im kinda afraid i messed it up and maybe voided its warranty... so yea.. any help here?

should i cut the smaller peice too? i decided not to do anything else until i ask someone else. i dont think my friends knows what hes doing.

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  1. Even though your post is a stupid sham(executed poorly)'ll still have some n00b here sincerely trying to give you help :roll:
  2. I'm the NOOB here so I'll give him my 2 cents just in case he is telling the truth.

    Yes, you have voided the warranty and yes you probably have stuffed up the card. The lesson you should learn from this is do not cut computer equipment, don't try to hotfix components unless you have the required electronic/electrical knowledge.
  3. WTF, cutting a video card what kind of stupid person would tell him that.
  4. Well, if you want a laugh, read this:

    It seems these things do happen.
  5. good link dude, I read a few of them way to funny, reminds me of the day I got my first computer, I read all about format not quite understanding the whole thing booted up, put in the 5.25 floppy and formatted, ha I said I did it. The computer froze from a stupid run command line 20 and rebooted and WTF, no dos disk please replace the disk and try again. I sure found out what format ment quick.
  6. Quote:
    Even though your post is a stupid sham(executed poorly)'ll still have some n00b here sincerely trying to give you help :roll:

    :lol: :lol:
  7. Regardless of if you are BSing about cutting the card or whatever it is you are cutting........

    First of all, a 7950 x 2 should be shorter than the VGA you have in that picture........

    That picture you posted is the older version, the 7900 x 2!!!!!!

    But if you cut the's now officially a 7950 x 2 anyway!!!!!
  8. HOW did you cut the card?^
  9. I've seen this exact thing before, where someone posted that they cut the extra pins off the connector so it would fit. har har
  10. I have to thank you for your post; it's the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

    Please never post here again. Just go buy a Dell, and if you open your computer, try not to touch those spinning things.

    P.S. Can you PLEEEEEEZ post a picture of how you cut the card?
  11. Thanks for the laugh seeing as this is most likely a reused joke. If you truly did cut your videocard, I suggest you start by killing your friend and spending a lot of time reading up on these things in advance.
  12. Quote:
    of course he should open his comp. preferably he should open his PSU and test if it works with a moistened finger :twisted:

    I'll bet that he sticks magnets on the side of his case, and then wonders why he gets disk read/write errors.
  13. Do you by any chance live near a nuclear powerplant or have you been struck by lightning recently? Cause you is 1 Dumb motherf**ker. Lol.
  14. Dude you just got <look below>

  15. WTF???!!! are you jokin, you cant seriously think that if you cut through electronical components and actualy think them to still work...............they are there for a reason......thats not even funny you could of and probably have just about ruined the best graphics card you can buy out there
  16. LOL, sad thing is, even with your heads-up, they are still offering advice and throwing a fit. :lol:
  17. Quote:
    LOL, sad thing is, even with your heads-up, they are still offering advice and throwing a fit. :lol:

    Someone will probably know a guy with a matching card for SLI. 8D
  18. k.. so i cant get ahold of my friend and appearently from the posts my warrenty is shot and so is my card, great. now im out 400.

    and the card said pci somewhere in the description, i have like 4 or 5 pci slots, NONE of them worked.

    why would i have a picture of me cutting it? i didnt expect this to happen. i only took a picture to give u an idea of how much i cut off incase i had cut too much. thanks alot though, i can see im *really* being helped here.
  20. no sh!t it said PCI it said PCI EXpress.
  21. I'm almost dumb enough to believe this. Tell you why. A friend of mine had a customer come in his shop to repair his motherboard because the halfassed client somehow tried to force a pci-e card into his agp slot, bending over one of the "pins" inside the slot.......... morons...... you bet........ but they are out there.
  22. Hmm.. What do we have here? Dumb and Dumber.

    No one is that dumb. nice try.
  23. I say this in shame: I cut a card once. It was an old ISA SCSI card, and I didn't know what it did. Only I had to use a hacksaw, and it took me about 10 minutes. Did break it. Didn't work afterwards. Didn't care. Did sell it to some schmuck for $15.

    Stay in school. Drink your milk. Don't cut your computer components.
  24. Quote:
    Hmm.. What do we have here? Dumb and Dumber.

    No one is that dumb. nice try.

  25. Show us a picture of the "cut" :lol:

    An action shot would be great...
  26. Yeah , split it in half and then cut that half in halves. There you got a quad sli. Place the two in your pci-es and the other two to the pci there all you need to do now is cut that LCD in four pieces and you got yourself a wider sourround viewing for better gaming. I don't think it will ruin it's warranty.
  27. this is just one of those short clips:

    A customer called in. After pulling up his case, I realized that this was his fifth call to us over the last two days, all regarding the same product. He was trying to add a 3D accelerator card to his system and could not get it to work. He had spoken to us four times and to his computer manufacturer twice. It was still not functional.

    Customer: "I hope you can help me out. I have made several calls now and cannot fix this problem."
    Tech Support: "Well, I'll see what I can do. So, I am seeing here that the card is not being detected by your computer. Is that right?"
    Customer: "Correct. When I boot up, Windows never detects the card. Previous techs had me run the 'Add New Hardware' wizard, and we checked the device manager, but there wasn't anything there."
    Tech Support: "Ok. Have you tried putting the card into another slot?"
    Customer: "What do you mean?"
    Tech Support: "Well, if for some reason the system does not see the card in this slot, perhaps putting the card in another slot will help."
    Customer: "How do I do that? Do I have to take it apart?"
    Tech Support: "Yes, you will have to take the case off."
    Customer: "Ok, just a second.... Ok, the case is off now."
    Tech Support: "Do you have any more PCI slots free?"
    Customer: "I am not sure."
    Tech Support: "How many PCI slots do you have in your system?"
    Customer: "Umm...eight."
    Tech Support: "You have eight PCI slots in your system?"
    Customer: "Yes."
    Tech Support: "How many white PCI slots do you have?"
    Customer: "Ummm...five."
    Tech Support: "Ok. Of those five, how many have something in them?"
    Customer: "One."
    Tech Support: "One? And is this the accelerator card?"
    Customer: "No. Oh hey, is that card I got supposed to fit into one of these slots?"
    Tech Support: "Yes, that's the idea. Where is the accelerator card currently?"
    Customer: "Well, it comes with that small black cable, so I have it on the outside of the computer, hooked up with that cable you sent with it."
    I walked him through the install process, and everything was fine. This was his seventh call to some form of support, and the card never even made it into the computer. Sigh.
  28. Your post got my vote. :lol:
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