Asus A8V POST Report "System Failed Vidiator"

Hi Guys,
"System Failed Vidiator" - Any one knows what does it mean?
This POST report I'm getting almost every time I'm starting computer and I need to reboot to start Windows. It has started after one of a fan of power supply (Enermax 350W) gone wrong. I had replaced it and it's running OK but POST Reporter still keeps reporting it. My hardware are:
1. Asus A8V Deluxe (BIOS v. 1018.001)
2. AMD Athlon 3500+
3. Geil 2x512MB DDR PC3200 memory
4. Enermax 350W power supply
5. ATA 80GB Maxtor HD
6. Radeon 9700 128 MB AGP
7. Sound card on motherboard, 1xDVD burner, 1xDVD player, Int. Card Reader.

Do I need to get new power supply?
If any one could help, please.
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  1. I never heared of such an error, but I was feeling curious and a bit, this is no garanty that I will be the last of those two of course. But, I read on some german forums people were having the same problem and they say it's a vga-test gone wrong. One guy had solved the problem by downgrading his bios. He used a pci grafics card for doing so,

    hope it helps,

  2. Thanks harmonica!

    I have just installed from Asus CD Winbond Voice Editor and on my stereo speakers I can hear - System Failed VGA Test.

    Many thanks.

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