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I am trying to fix a laptop and keep running into problems. Originally the message was BOOTMGR not found and to restart. So I put in the Windows 7 disk to try a repair...and it didn't find an OS to select in the list. I ran a bunch of stuff and finally got an OS to show up but windows still would not start stating winload was missing or corrupt.

This time when I went into the repair utility it found the OS and I ran the automated fix...but that didn't resolve the issue. So I tried bootrec /fixmbr and /fixboot. At first fixboot stated that it could not run. So I saw something around to make the manufacturer partition inactive and to run the command...did that and fixboot ran. However, now it does not find the OS again and I'm back to the BOOTMGR missing. Not even sure where to go now or try doing.

The commands /fixmbr and /fixboot run fine. However, /rebuildbcd states that no windows installations were found. Tried it on all the partitions.
That is the website I used at first and had to do step four. It then gave me the winload missing or corrupt error. After going back into repair...I could see the Windows install and selected it and tried the auto repair. It said it fixed the problems but upon reboot it still gave the same winload corrupt or missing error. So I tried running the last few steps again and the made the partition inactive. Now I am back to the bootmgr missing error and repair can not see the windows installation again.
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  1. I'd just re-install windows.
    If you have files/data that you need to recover. You will need to pull that data off of it. May need to connect to a different computer, hopefully you can then access the HD to back up your data.
  2. So you don't think there's any way to repair the installation?

    And also not too sure about how to get anything off the HDD of a laptop when it won't even boot up
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    Sometimes a disk is corrupted in a manner that prevents it from booting, But allows the HDD to show up and be accessed. For a 2.5" laptop drive you could try putting it into a USB enclosure and plug it into a USB port on a desktop.

    This is one of the reasons I always partition a HDD, operating system and programs on C: and all my data files on D: - Have a greater chance of recovery of my files.

    As far a repairing the corrupted C drive so that you would not have to re-install windows - you have tried all that I could suggest.
    Maybe someone else will chime in with a alternative.
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