NV SATA RAID won't boot with another PATA disk connected

Hello guys, I seriously need some help. :)

Relevant specifications
MotherBoard: MSI K8N Neo4 Diamond
MB Bios version: 1.0A
SATA disks: Raptor 34 gb
PATA disk: Maxtor 180 gb

Problem description
I'll make my story short. I upgraded my bios to the newest version for my motherboard (see specifications above) - 1.0A. Then I unplugged my PATA storage disk and reinstalled WinXP on my SATA RAID array. Then I rebooted and plugged my PATA disk back in. Now Windows won't boot - giving me an error about not being able to read from the selected boot disk. I have ofcourse check a million times that my RAID is healthy, set as bootable, set as 1. boot priority, etc.

If I unplug my PATA disk, everything is working perfectly. I suspect there's a problem with the motherboard running SATA RAID and PATA at the same time, but since there's no menu in the bios for selecting 'Combined Mode SATA/PATA' I take that the bios update made it automatically.

I have checked every single options in my BIOS for an options that could help me, but no luck. I've also tried putting the PATA on primary/secondary cable as master/slave. Nothing helps.

I have looked at other threads and seen 1 thread that had almost similar problem, but the solution there didn't help me either, so I really hope someone is gonna use some time to help me out, I'd deeply appreciate it.

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  1. If there is an option for PATA raid in the bios, make sure it's disabled.
  2. There is an option, but I made sure it's disabled. Thanks though. :)
  3. Quote:
    There is an option, but I made sure it's disabled. Thanks though. :)

    There is a section to select which HDD to boot from, make sure it is the array, because it try to boot from the pata hdd first.
  4. I did that aswell, my healthy NVIDIA RAID ARRAY is set as 1. boot priority. The PATA is set as 2nd. :)
  5. Update.

    Since my bios update one particular options is missing - the options to select SATA or PATA or Combined Mode. I can't find it anywhere and I strongly suspect that's the problem...
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