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Ive read through the stickys and most nx posts and i just dont understand why the dolby digital light wont illuminate on my audigy 2 nx.

Im running logitech z-680's and have tried 6ch direct, optical, and coax in an attempt to get the dolby digital enabled. Ive been on the device control and selected the S/PDIF passthrough, all the 96khz, 48khz, and 44.1 khz options and it just wont work !

Theres also something weird in my speaker settings on the creative software, whereby i try and select digital output only whilst my speaker config is 5.1 then it selects digital output only and the speakers alwasys change back to 2.1 !!!!! It's extremely annoying.

The only way ive heard tru dolby digital is through my ps2 and it is awesome, i would like to hear it through my pc, so a solution would be greatly appreciated. Any Ideas ?

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  1. get dolby digital 5.1 to show up how you want, you need something encoded in dolby digital, also known as ac-3... such as a dvd for example... ...after having the proper media (songs encoded in ac-3, sounds encoded in ac-3, movies encoded in ac3, and so on), next step is to turn on the spdif passthrough, and then play the media... that will allow the dolby digital decoder that you have to play it in dolby digital, like your ps2 does during cut scenes and such (using your speakers, receiver, or some other kind of external dolby digital decoder you may have)... also, the reason it keeps reverting back to 2 channels is because its only receiving a standard 2 channel pcm signal, it needs to have an ac-3 signal to work in 5.1

    edit: almost forgot though... it has to be over either a coaxial or an optical connection to work, analog connections wont carry a dolby digital signal
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