Is it advisable to uninstall Java SATARaid?

I cannot run Java on my computer as upon boot up I get an error message saying there is an error with Java SATARaid and then I get the Blue Screen of DEATH. This only happens when I have Java installed and when I go into safe mode and uninstall Java the computer works fine again.

Cant seem to find a solution anywhere so I was wondering:

1. Can I instead uninstall Java SATARaid?

2. Would doing that destroy my system / hard drives?

3. What does this Java SATARaid do anyways?

4. Is it a Raid controller? If so, then Im not sure Im using it anyways as:
a. I think my Raid controller is Nvidia (as on the boot up screen I see Nvdia Stripe) and I think the computer store told me it was an Nvidia Raid controller.
b. When I loaded a Silicon Image Raid5 Manager, it said that it didnt detect a SI raid controller.

5. If the uninstall breaks the computer, can I just use Restore to bring it back to where it was prior to uninstalling th Java SATARaid?

Im desperate to try to fix this as too many websites I need depend on Java. Help!!!

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  1. If you are referring to the SAM - Silicon Image Array Manager - its written in Java so it is often referred to as Java SATARAID, removing the SOFTWARE NOT the driver will be fine. All the software does is allow you to make changes to the RAID array via a spiffy GUI.

    By the sounds of it you are using the Nvidia raid controller anyway.

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