MSI K7N2 Delta problem - Memory Detection Test error


I have a barebones PC with an MSI K7N2 Delta motherboard that won't start up. It will not display anything on the monitor (and I know that the AGP video card works).

- I have tested with 2 different power supplies
- I have reset the CMOS (and removed the battery for a while)
- I have placed the motherboard on a non-conductive mat
- I have tried using RAM from a working computer
- I have played around with the FSB jumpers
- I have tried using a CPU from a working computer
- The capacitors are not popped, they look fine on the outside.

Nonetheless, the computer will not beep, and it will not display anything on the screen.

I have an LED D-bracket hooked up to it for troubleshooting purposes, and it says that it hangs as the Memory Detection Test. I have put RAM from my other, working computer into it, and it still says there's a problem with the RAM. The RAM from my other computer has an LED display on it, and it lights up with only the middle LED lit for a few seconds, like this --> (It is a Corsair XMS PRO Series 512Mb stick)

For reference, the manual for the mobo is available here -->

Is there anything I can do besides writing it off as a bad motherboard?
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  1. It seems you've tried pretty much everything...
    - Have you tried to put the RAM in each of the 3 slots?
    - Check the chipset heatsink
    - PSU?
    I can't think of anything else right now... :?
  2. - I have tested with 2 different power supplies
    - The heatsinks seem to be fine, and the fans are working on each heatsink
    - I've tried the RAM in each slot
  3. Then, I'm afraid your mobo has gone, my friend... :(

    A minute of silence for the fallen...
  4. sorry but it was good while it lasted i'm sure.
    Just check & see if it has any bulging electrolytic caps. if you are handy with a soldering iron you can change them & you might be in luck,,, i have done a few boards already.
  5. None of the capacitors are popped on this board. I do, however, have another board whose point of weakness is popped capacitors. Where would I get capacitors that would work on a mobo? Radioshack perhaps?
  6. Yes radio shack should have them but I just take them off other boards.
    I have replaced a few & they are still going strong..
    Have you changed the BIOS chip...& Thats the only other thing I can think of.
  7. Haven't changed the BIOS chip; wouldn't you have to send away for a replacement?
  8. Their is a girl/lady at MSI Sandy Liu is her name I think (I am almost sure) she used to get me them for free when I needed them but I used to buy quite a bit of refurb stuff from MSI at the time, but I'm almost sure if you ask them nicely you will get it maybe with free shipping too.
    MSI has been very VERY good good to me in the past.
    I was trying to find an old email to give you the direct link to her but I have too many pcs & just cant find it right now.
  9. hey, my motherboard is doing the same. this is so weird! can it maybe be the cpu?
  10. Are you overclocking?
    Or do you have any other reason to suspect the CPU, HS too small or no HS paste?
    My experience MSI K7N2 family has been BIOS or dead MB & one time a weak PSU & some bad caps. Usually the dead MBs were from lightening strikes to PC's that were in standby or hybernation.
    Used to be in Florida for a while & the do have a lot of lightening strikes during hurricane season.
  11. no i dont overclock, the motherboard is like MAYBE 2 yeard old since i baught it, how can the motherboard go just like that?!
  12. It can. Its electronics.

    look here:
    & its not just that, it affected the entire electronics industry cd dvd cameras hi-fi tvs everything.

    If you are ok there then you might want to try this, try removing the battery for about 15 minutes & clearing the CMOS put back the battery & then move the jumper to safe mode & see what happens.
  13. Good chipset..........horrible motherboard. Adjustments........none.
    Purchased 25 boards for gaming room, 8 DOA, 5 caused problems later.
    Find yourself an A78N-X Deluxe.
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