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Im trying to fix a computer my friend was using. The computer was homebuilt a year ago by myself. He was playing a game then he restarted his computer. It hung on the intel slash screen after the video card posts. Normally, after the splash windows xp is suppose to load, but it just hangs there. Cant press any keys to go to the bios.

So I got a new intel motherboard model: D102GGC2. After transfering everything, the video card posts like normal, then I get 4 beeps (high low high low) according to intels documentation of the motherboard, that beeping indicates a thermal error. I reapplied the thermal grease about 3 times, correctly, still the same beeps. The bios splash screen doesnt popup (mabye it doesnt happen on this mobo?) and it automaticly shuts off after the beeps about 10 seconds later. Ive tried everything to fix this problem, tried googling, but to no avail.

Do you guys have any input on whats wrong? CPU mabye?
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  1. The Hi low tone is the alarm for thermal protection being enabled. The processor is trying to tell you it is too hot. Quick check is to just set the heatsink on the cpu without latching it down. If you still get the thermal alarm then I would look into getting a new heatsink. Also if the board does shut down take the heatsink off and see how hot the processor is getting if you can touch it for over a second then I would say the CPU is questionable. If you can't touch the processor for 1 second because it is too hot then you are definitly not cooling the CPU correctly.
  2. r u so sure about the thermal Paste u r using, coz stock thermal pad is crap. Did u clean the processor top b4 applying new thermal paste? Did u use arctic silver 5 as thermal paste? ( coz it’s the best) 8O
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