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I bought a new Gateway Laptop with Win7 Home Premium 64 bit. In my country, most laptop manufacturers have stopped giving any CD with a laptop. They don't even give the recovery image CD. You are supposed to create your own after buying it.

So here's the problem. The first thing I did was to partition the hard disk. Then installed a few things & then tried to create a Recovery Image with the Gateway Recovery Management Application. It said it would require 3 DVDs for the same & asked me to insert the first. It finished burning Disk 1 & went about verifying it - verifying got stuck at 12%. I waited for 10 mins & then restarted with a new DVD. This time again it got stuck at 12% verification. Now I waited for an hour, but still stuck. I called Gateway - they said I need to make the recovery disk before partitioning. They said, now I will not be able to make the recovery disk. They asked me to recover from the recovery partition & try. But that also didn't help - again after restoring to factory image, I tried the same & it got stuck at 12%.

Now instead of trying through Gateway's recovery manager, I tried through Windows Backup & Restore. Through this I was able to make a System Repair Disc, but was unable to create a system Image. Again same issue - after burning Disc 1, it tries to verify & then gets stuck at verifying for a long time - unlike Gateway, the windows utility doesn't show any %ages. Also the windows one doesn't hang - it waits for a long time at verifying & then says your media is corrupt. I did it 2-3 times with fresh DVDs, but same issue. I know it's not a media or DVD Writer issue because I was able to burn a repair disc.

So what are my options now?
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  1. Buy a set of Recovery Disks from Gateway.
  2. I know this is an old thread but I'm having the same problem... I ended up restarting from factory defaults, had to create a name and computer name, then dled all the important updates and did all the startup things the computer told me to do, and when it came to the recovery discs it froze on disk 1 at 28% verified, then I restarted the computer then i tried it again after I threw out Disk 1 (cause my comp is a laptop and the damn thing wouldn't let me take the disk out), now it's on disk 2, it failed to verify disk 2 so bye bye to disk 2, now on to disk 2-a (lol) and waiting to see if this fails... I only have 1 more extra blank disk, I hope 3 goes flawlessly...
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