Shuttle & ATI X1300 - Passive or Active Cooling?


Does anyone have experience with Passive vs Actively cooled Video Cards in a Shuttle case? Will a passively cooled ATI X1300 AGP Card be fine in a shuttle case??

I'm planning to get an ATI Radeon X1300 AGP Card for my P4 Shuttle SB61G2v4 system (

I know it's not a very fast card, but it's perfect for my second, multi-purpose PC. Does this card create much heat?? The most taxing game played on this system will likely be UT2004, etc...

I'd prefer a passively cooled card, and am hoping that the designed airflow through the shuttle case will cool a low-end ATI X1300 card enough. It looks like air is drawn from the side, and should flow straight over the AGP card, then out the back case fan.

Any help is appreciated!


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  1. shuttles were designed to have good ventilation so probably you wont have any problems with heat in this case, but probably you could get a card a little better than that like a x1600pro agp worth like $100.
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