Need help odd monitor prob.

ok this is the deal, my brothers computer will not show video untill I unplug the monitor from the video card and plug it back in. once I shut down I have to unplug then replug to get video to the monitor.

I dont know if it is the monitor or the video card. so far I have tried taking out and putting back in the video card and cleaned stuff out good.

When I get back today I am going to try and see if i get video after a reboot, and after the pc is on then the monitor goes to a power save stand by mode I will see if I loose video or not. then I will prolly switch my monitor and my brothers monitor around.

so thats what I have tried and plan on trying any help would be nice, I dont know the monitor off hand but it is a samsung and the video card is an agp ati 9800 I think.

oh and a little background before this happened, the pc was up and running fine at my brothers place. He packed it up and came over to my place and when I set it up no video untill the unplug replug thing and thats what I have been doing so far. anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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  1. Does it not show video from the moment you press the startup button, or does it not show video from the moment it enters windows?

    Also does the mobo also have onboard video in addition to the graphics card?
  2. well no video from boot, but no problems booting. and no there is no on board video.

    also I have tried some fixes and so far apperar to work. I just switched mine and my brothers monitors around with our pc's and now it seems that my brothers is fine after 1 shut down and restart, now I am waiting for the thing to go to stand by to see if it resumes from that okay.

    Thanks for the help
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