Calling all TECHS

man this is really starting to make me mad....

i have a custom built computer.. and the thing is awesome for me.

I tried doing a RAID 0 with the nForce drivers and every single time.. after installing windows and it tries to boot up for the first time.. i get a QUICK flash of a blue screen with writing in the top left.. and then the computer reboots and does it all over again...

i used SILI RAID controller and everything works fine.. but this nForce crap is really bothering me.

check my sig for my specs.

please help!!
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  1. what settings did you use to setup the nforce raid 0 array?
  2. I have turned on the RAID nForce in my BIOS, and enabled my SATA drives for RAID possibilities. but what do you mean as far as settings?

    I am guessing they are the default settings... Stripping with a 64k size (optimal)
  3. OK, since you were able to install Windows on the RAID array, I'm assuming you used a floppy disk to donate the RAID drivers to the installer temporarily. Did you take the floppy disk out of the drive? That caused some problems for me when I installed Windows on my Raptor, though not like yours.

    BTW, what are your boot priority settings?
  4. I've had problems installing XP and Vista in both 32 bit and 64 bit flavors. Once thing you should try is going to and checking for the latest and greatest verified working nVidia floppy disk drivers. They don't all work the way they're supposed to.

    Something I had to do to get Windows to boot at all was to disable the Silicon Image RAID card on my machine through the install and after the first boot. I also have to go into the boot settings in the BIOS and tell it to boot to the nVidia RAID first, or the multi(0)rdisk(0)disk(0)etc..etc.. settings aren't correct.

    I've got an ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe, which is of course not the same, but it sounds like we've got a lot of the same parts. PlanetAMD64 has a great deal of information, even motherboard specific information. You might check it out.
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