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If password of the bit locker of windows 7 is lost and no recovery key is kept how to regain the drive without losing data???
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  1. Can't. The point of using an encryption is to not allow access without the proper password or key. If there was a way of hacking into an encrypted drive as easy as posting on the internet, who would use that product?

    You can turn off BitLocker, but I'm betting it will ask for your password before it will do that.
  2. I have formatted the drive with operating system and reinstall the windows 7 on it. Before that i got three partitions which were bitlocker secured. Now after installing windows, i m unable to unlock those fixed drive with password nor i have the keys generated at the time of encryption. But one drive was unlocked by using the password. Please let me know how i m going to unlock my those remaining 2 drives.
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