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I"m building a new core 2 due conroe machine and I will have no use for this one. Everything is about 2 years old and has ran flawlessly. Here are the specs:

Asus p4s800d-e deluxe motherboard

Intel p4 2.4c northwood core, h/t, 800fsb processor(very good for o/c'ing tho I have never needed to)

1 gig of corsair value select ram

x800 xt all in wonder video card(paid 350 1 year ago for this.. plays every game out just fine and is great for watching/recording tv)

western digital 160gig sata hardrive

liteon dvd rom(black in color)

All wraped up in this case:

400 shipped without o.s.
450$ shipped with liscenced xp sp2 and key

I may possible part out depending on interest in parts.
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  1. Which XP version?

    Is XP installed and licensed or just comes with? If licensed, are you selling it with the license?
  2. It is a liscensed version of xp sp2, tho I am not selling the liscense with it.
  3. But you are selling the CDKey? ...

    You do know there are plenty of program that will pull the CDkey off the machine... I would be cautious if you intend to sell this computer and use the CDkey for yourself too.

    How about a discount for a No OS Option? Since it is not MCE, most people have XP already. If you dont sell the License to the Key, its just as illegal to use it as for the buyer to use his or hers on a 2nd machine.
  4. Ok I see your point I will adjust the pirce one with liscenced xp sp2 and key and one without o.s.
  5. how much for the graphic card, ram and harddisk....please mention the price wid shipping charges
  6. what socket is the Cpu?
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