After cleaning CPU heatsink, the system automatically shuts

Hi, recently I removed the heatsink and fan from my motherboard, and sprayed compression air into the heatsink to clear the dust. After I put the heatsink and fan back on the cpu and attached the cpu fan connector back to the motherboard, I turned on the computer and it would load for a few seconds and then turn off autmotically while it was scanning for devices.

I checked the computer and the fan was still running and I hadn't tampered with anything else. Yet it still shuts down automatically after a few seconds of running. I don't even have time to go into the BIOS until it shuts down.

What should I do? I'm using the heatsink and fan that came with my Intel CPU.

I have a hunch my motherboard can't detect my fan or something and that's why it is shutting off, even though the fan is plugged in and it is spinning when the computer is on.

Thanks in Advance.

Motherboard Asus P5GDC-V Deluxe
Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Gig
1 Gig of RAM
ATI X600 Pro.
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  1. maby ur heatsink is not placed properly, so it does not cool the cpu enough, so it might be overheating, and it just shuts of (like a critical temp funcion shutof, on some systems), have You checked it if You instaled it corectly?
  2. Hmmmm, well those plastic things are kinda a pain to install and remove but I put the heatsink and fan lining the 4 plastic things into the holes and pushed and turned them in.

    Yeah I'm thinking it could be that, but then again it shuts off after a few seconds, so I don't know if a few seconds is enough time for a cpu to overheat though.

    I'll try to remove it and attach it again. Thanks for the tip. :)
  3. If you have removed the HSF and replaced it you need to replace the thermal compound which transfers the heat from your CPU to the HSF. Thermal pads dry out and become brittle and cannot be reused. Get yourself some arctic silver or other similar aftermarket CPU heat transfer compound, make sure you follow the instructions carefully (you don't need very much at all!). It sounds like your CPU is overheating and fialing safe shutting itself down.
  4. Ok I'm gonna replace the thermal compound. First I'm gonna have to find some instructions. Thanks. :)
  5. As stated above I concur with the opinion of the fact that the push locks may not be in all the way and I also did not read any mention of you cleaning off the old thermal compound and putting new stuff on. Hope this helps
  6. Simply clean very well the bottom side of the heatsink and the metal plate of your CPU with alchool until you remove any little particle of thermal paste.
    Them apply a thin and regular fresh thermal paste film on the heatsink and put it in place immediately (thermal paste gets dry very quickly when exposed to air).
  7. A few seconds is more than enough time to overheat.
  8. Dont forget to clean off the old stock intel thermal paste ethanol or isopropanol works best (isopropanol is prefered)

    I would recomend a new thermal compund like AS5 its only 10 bucks Aus... Spread it as thin as you can!

    Push all four pins untill it kinda "clicks" then try to lift the HSF off it should be quite firmly attached once all 4 pins have clicked down!

    It should all be fine seeming you can still run the comp for a couple of secs.
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