Hard-drive recomendations (smaller p-ATA drives).

Hi all... seem to have lost my password again, and apparently the forum can´t get the password e-mailed to me. Dang. Used to hang out here a lot back in -02 (Ghostdog).

Well... getting on with it.

I´m running a bit short on HDD space and could use a new drive. My current primary drive is a Maxtor DiamaondMax (9 I think - 6L040J2) and it´s served be pretty well. SATA is not entirely out of the question (this would require a controller card, might get expensive) but mostly I´m looking at a temporary solution - a 120GB-160GB parallel ATA drive.

My current motherboard doesn´t sport SATA and I´ll still be facing a major upgrade some time next year - so that´s why I´m considering a smaller drive right now. Then again; if I did get a SATA controller I could go for a moderate-sized SATA drive and keep that as a secondary drive when I go through the bigger upgrade. Is this viable or even smart? The prices I´ve seen on PATA drives are pretty attractive.

What are my options considering this range? Are the differences between brands that big (justifies paying a bit more?)?

I would prefer a somewhat quiet drive while still not completely sacrificing performance. That being said I´m not willing to pay huge amounts of money just for a slightly more silent drive.

The hard-drive market looks like a jungle to me. Graphics cards I can still keep track of, but this... way too much reaserch to even make a somewhat educated guess. You gues are my easy way out : p

Jokes aside, I´d really appreciate some help from people more in the loop than I currently am. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Seagate drives seem to get good reviews for performance and they are usualy the only brand I buy since they have a 5 year warrenty on all of their drives.

    Aside from the cost of the SATA controller card, SATA drives are about the same price as PATA drives. Usually the difference is about $5, with SATA sometimes being the same price or even lower depending on the model or if it is on sale.

    For you situation I would recomend the PATA drive since it will give you the least amount of hassle and you could avoid the price of the controller card. Also, if you are preparing to upgrade to a new computer in a year, the PATA drive will still be fine to pull out of your current system and use as a second drive for your new system.
  3. You can always throw the PATA drive in an external enclosure in the future too since PATA ports are disappearing quickly on motherboards.

    And if you do get SATA, a cheap SATA card that works isn't that expensive. Like $20-30 for a 2 port card.
  4. OK, thanks. I think a PATA drive might be right for me right now. I´m not really a performance junkie, so it should be fine.
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