Is this CPU compatible with my system?

I have an older notebook that I'm slowly upgrading. It's a Compaq Evo N160. It came stock with a 1.13 Ghz Intel Pentium III Mobile CPU.

In the course of researching available upgrades, I see the service manual lists a 1.20 Ghz P3-M as compatible. Digging further, I see that the P3-M series went all the way up to 1.33 Ghz.

From what I can see, both the 1.20 and 1.33 Ghz chips are electrically identical. I could of course be wrong about that though.

Could my notebook support the 1.33 Ghz chip? It has the latest available BIOS.

For those out there wondering why I'm upgrading such an old system - I consider it a good way to learn valuable experience in working with notebooks, which can be very different beasts than desktops. Plus some personal satisfaction.

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  1. Since this system is a guinea pig, I say go with the cheaper CPU. If I remember correctly, the 1.33 and the 1.2 are the same chips save the processing speed: same voltage, same pins, etc.
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