choked at 230mhz

okay, first time OCing and I used advice from DFi's sticky
Unable to run SuperPi at the following setting:

230mhz FSB, 10x CPU Multi, 1.4 Vcore
3x HTT Multi
RAM divider at 100MHZ (DDR200), 3-4-4-8 1T, 2.6 Vdimm

I've turned down CPu multi, upped Vcore, loosened timing, upped Vdimm but no success. Temps are fine. Boots into windows fine but superPI can't run.

This is a call for another mobo or have I reached NF4 regular's limit?
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  1. Your a little vague on the info. What cpu is it a opty 165 know for the ocing ablity or a run of the mill 3200? is it an 940 or 939? what are u running for a psu and what kind of ram? Give us your fill system specs get it.
  2. does my sig show the setup? i can see it but i dono if you can too.
  3. if you have the socket 939 amd 3200 you should be able to go to
    2.4 pretty easy, those cpus have been to 2.6 and 2.7.
    i dont ever use the superpi i just overclock and see if the computer
    will play games and do the everyday things i would do normally
    with out any hang ups.
    i have had my 3700 from 2.2 to 2.6 for the last 8 months.
    it is currently at 2.3.
    also my 6800gt is at stock 350 and 1000.
    it was at 420 and 1.5 for the same amount of time
    as i dont see any diff except in benchmarks
  4. Thanks for the reply. I just want to see how far I can go with my setup and was disppointed by the mere 200mhz OC. Can you give any advice that can allow me to move past 230mhz. I agree that Superpi doesn't mean much, but in addition to gaming I fold 24/7 so it does matter to me.
  5. i spoke too soon. Looks like my rig can't OC for s$%^. It failed Prime95 after 13min at 2.2g. Same error as Superpi:not exact in rounding.

    Is this a bad chip or a bad mobo?
  6. IMO, the mobo is not an extreme one... nor is the Patriot memory... and all that is combined with AMD's low overclock potential :roll:
    Seriously, if it runs stable at stock speeds 24/7 then all your components are performing as intended...
    If failure occurs at speeds above and exceeding stock specs, then you have an undeniable successful build...

    Those that get uber high OC's plan thier build from scratch, hand selecting components from either experience firsthand or from reports from others, and even then it is not guaranteed, but chances are greater...
    Best advice I have to you is to delve deeper into understanding memory timings and overclocking principles and techniques, then you will either know what is up, or have more focused questions to guide you to your answers, which you must find on your own anyways...
  7. if 1.4v is your stock voltage try raising it up by .0125, take it up to the next interval, probably 1.4125. then try to run superpi.

    as you raise the FSB you will eventually hit a wall, say at like 230fsb for example, you then need to raise the voltage (vcore) in order to continue raisning the FSB.

    but be very care when raising voltages.
  8. actually... ask yourself this... Is my current speed or overclock insufficient for my computing needs? If it isn't, then OC'ng further is just for fun, and you need to realize that further increasing could destroy your PC making it unusable even at stock speeds... Are you willing to trash your PC for that extra few MHz? Can you afford to? If the answer is yes, then go for it! Think carefully, read deeply and act wisely...
  9. or get drunk and crank it!
  10. Just my 2 cents, but i got mine running @ 2.4 off the stock voltages with a 240FSB and 166 memory divider for a resulting memory speed of 400DDR.
    Rock stable and with an opteron 165 heatsink it runs around 27 degres celcius.
  11. Lian Li PC-60plus Black Aluminum Case (w/TR-3B Black Thermometer/Fan Controller 3.5” bay and a L.I.S.2 (5.5” bay USB LCD Fan Controller))
    Opteron 175 (OC’d 2x 2.64 GHz, 2MB cache, Socket 939, .09 micron, E6 stepping, OSA175DAA6CD)
    ThermalTake BigWater 745 liquid cooling system complete kit
    Asus A8R32-MVP Motherboard (ATI Radeon Xpress 3200 CrossFire, socket 939, SATA2)
    HiS X1800XT Graphics Card (625 MHz/700 MHz OC core/1500 Mhz/1600 MHz OC mem, Dual DL-DVI VIVO 512 MB PCIe)
    ATI TV Theater 550 PRO Tuner (PCI TV and FM Tuner)
    4x 512MB Corsair Micro Xpert DDR RAM (2.5-3-3-8-2T (spd 2-2-2-5-1T) TwinXP 1024-3200XL)
    2x 74gig Western Digital Raptor Hard Drives RAID-0 (WD740GD RAID0 150gig Boot Drive)
    2x 250gig Western Digital Caviar SE16 Hard Drives (WD2500KS storage and data)
    Plextor 716AL Black 16x DVD/CD Burner (IDE slot loading type)
    Antec TP-II 550 Power Supply (550 Watt ATX12V v2.0 PSU)
    Dell 2405FPW 24-inch LCD Monitor (UltraSharp Wide Aspect Flat Panel Display)
    Logitech G-15 Gaming Keyboard
    Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan
    Case Fans (PanaFlo 120mm intake, Adda 120mm exhaust blower, PanaFlo 120mm internal circulatory Fan, PanaFlo 92mm exhaust and PanaFlo 80mm Fan)
  12. I took raised it to 1.4125 but still fails superpi. The memory is fine at 230 cuz 9 hour of memtest+ shows no error. When I avoided superpi and went to 240, BIOS got messed up and it won't post. Well, I guess i'll have better luck next time.

    To MCmonopoly:

    thanks for the support but your mobo is the king of OC with AGP while mine is.......
  13. Just from the top of my head maybe you should try loosening your memory timmings to see if it can help you getting a bit more out of your OC. Also if there are any settings in the BIOS for it , try to increase the chipset voltage a tad. Good luck with that.
  14. memory timing is as loose as it gets, 3-4-4-8, but still no go. I haven't increased chipset voltage yet, might give it a try.
  15. Take great care in over volting that is where you can very fast fry both the mobo and or cpu. As to why i asked what your setup is i never asume that it is the one in the sig as i personaly own 2 comps and there are another 4 in the house i live in so it is one of those thing which one is it your talking about.
  16. so i've googled my board and found that it can't OC. anyone suggest a cheap but effective OC mobo? Under 100$ is would be the best.
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