USB freezes on EP-9NPA+ SLI


I'm having a very annoying problem. I have a EP-9NPA+ SLI Motherboard on a Windows Xp SP2 system.
Whenever I connect an highspeed USB device like a flash drive, my system hard freezes. I have the 9sli5b22.bin bios. I have read on forums that this is a problem due to the X2 AMD cpu in combination with
a NFORCE4 chipset. This problem should be fixed with a Beta Bios version that Epox can provide.

Now my question is if the latest official Bios version 9sli6424.bin also fixes this problem or do I really need the beta version. If so, can someone send me the file ?

Thanks !
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  1. update your bios to latest one. no more usb freeze problem
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