New Comp Issues - RANDOM RESTARTS!

I recently bought all new components and built my own comp (this was my first time). I managed to build it all fine, and it booted up perfectly first time. After installing windows and updating all drivers and basic programs etc, it has been running fine for about 2 days now. However it has suddenly started restarting at random - sometimes when just browsing the web, or sometimes when playing a game. The system just performs a normal restart and windows starts again.

I haven't noticed any pattern in the restarts so cannot work out what is causing it to happen! I have also been monitoring the CPU, M/Board and Graphics card temps, and all are around the 48c temp under full load.

All of the settings are on default, so not overclocked at all. Specs listed below;

Asus A8N32-SLi Deluxe nForce 4 SLi x16
Athlon 64 3800+ (socket 939)
Corsair 1GB DDR XMS3200 C2 Pro TwinX (2x512MB)
XFX GeForce 7900 GT Extreme 256MB GDDR3
Western Digital Caviar SE16 250GB SATA2 7200rpm
NorthQ ATX 500W Silent PSU

Any help with what could be causing this and/or suggestions as to what would fix it would be great! Could it be hardware malfunction? Or that perhaps cables are plugged in incorrectly?? or PSU not providing enough power to all components??

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  1. As a start look at this:
    which shows how to disable auto reboot on error. Then when it occurrs again use your favourite search engine on the error message.

    Also, consider any re-used components. One diagnosis I undertook was sabotaged by a flaky usb interface on a modem/router that had previously never given trouble and is still reliable today on the 10/100 side. Searching on the error code kept leading back to the graphic card, it wasn't until I swapped a known good box onto the usb side of the modem and immediately had the same symptoms that it twigged.
  2. The only old component i am using is a DVD drive, and as this is not always in use when the restart happens, i would more than likely rule this out of what is causing it to restart.

    Thanks for the link, I will try it later and see what happens...

    If anyone know what else could cause this, or has had similar problems, i would be very grateful for their solutions!
  3. Ummm.. the link is a how to on disabling auto reboot so you can see the error code. Not as a solution. Pretty hard to diagnose auto restarts without somewhere to start.
  4. Quote:
    Ummm.. the link is a how to on disabling auto reboot so you can see the error code. Not as a solution. Pretty hard to diagnose auto restarts without somewhere to start.

    Its only restarting because Windows is setup to do that. Your system is actually crashing. Once you disable the auto restarts, the system will sit at the blue screen of death, and if you post the error code, we can proabably give you a place to start.
  5. I have managed to find the error message that appears, and have done a google search on it, however there is only 1 site that is in english that seems to make any sense. It was from another forum and it was a problem with some guys RAM, however it seemed that it could have been a number of problems.

    The error message is as follows;

    blah blah
    0x0000000A (0X00000004, 0X00000002, 0X00000000, 0X804ED59F)

    Can anyone suggest what this could be? Would it be lack of power? Dodgy hardware setup??

  6. Could be ram so run memtest86. Have you tried using your computer with just one stick? Which slots do you have the ram in?

    Do you have another psu you can test with your system?
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