Chaging card from Nvidia to ATI, need your input

Hey Guy
First of all, I am not a gamer, I am more into multimedia.
I have an Evga 6800GT, nice card.
Power hungry.
Too long.
After I read about ATI AVIVO, I started thinking of switching to ATI, so I am thinking of:
X1600XT, here is the quastion, am I downgrading?
I don't game, but I will not sleep if I think I am chaging my card for a lower one. :?
You might ask, why a non gamer gets a 6800GT, will I had the moeny, so why not ? :D
I simply need to get a shorter card that is not power hungry, am I doing the right thing getting the X1600XT?
Is it worth it to go with the 512 MB version?
The X1600XT was the Fastest and shrotest card I found with Avivo, Please give me your input
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  1. It's a downgrade. I wouldn't recommend that move.

    The X1600XT is pretty good, and if you don't game, and you're buying the X1600XT for its features, then it's fine.
  2. Tough question to anwer. It's a big downgrade in 3d power for the gamer, but could be an upgrade in features/noise/size/heat for his use. So, based on his needs it's really still an upgrade. But there is no reason to go with the X1600XT for power either. A much cheaper X1600 pro (yesterday $59 AR newegg) or even passive X1300 would work. Being a non-gamer, he should have just bought a 6600 instead of the 6800GT in the first place.

    If the 6800GT is too hot, power hungry, long, loud, etc. for his multimedia rig, sell it and use part of the money for a better match. It's a downgrade/upgrade that still makes sense to me.
  3. If you really don't game at all, the cheapest X1300 (non-HyperMemory) will work for you because it has Avivo.

    Here's an X1600Pro with GDDR3 memory running at the same speeds as the XT. It's the HIS IceQ version, so it comes standard with an Arctic Cooling cooler. Not to mention it's $92 after rebate.
  4. if you sell your 68gt i would be interested in buying it
    and if you switch to an ati be sure to uninstall your nvidia
    drivers before you install the ati card
  5. Download 'RivaTuner' and slow down the speed of the core processor until it's cool enough for you/uses the amount of energy that you want. That way you don't spend a dime on anything and you still have your card for the future if you need it. :D
  6. OK then,
    Thanks alot Guys, it looks like I will go with the change, even if I can lower the power, it is still very long, it is blocking a hard drive bay that I need to use.
    I Just need to find the ATI card here as I am in Mexico, newegg will not ship to here.
    And sirheck, How much would you like to pay for the card, it is 1 year old Evga 6800GT.
    I will ship it FedEx, please email me to
    P. S I will still be ready comments before I buy the ATI, so keep them coming. :D
  7. it is a pci express isnt it?
    if it is i will pay like 125 dollars or so it really depends on if you want
    to sell it for that amount, if so i will send you a money order
    i dont want to spend much more than that as i can buy a new one for
    175 at ebay. thats the bad thing about these dam comp parts.
    they are out dated as soon as you buy them.
    but any way i can send you a money order as soon as thursday
    if you want to sell it for around 120 to 130 dollars
    my email is
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