I Need A New Mobo Help Plz

Hi i just got my self a intel pentiumD 805 2.66GHz socket 775 processor and would like to no which motherboards i can use it with :?: .
Dont really want to spend to much as i brought a CPU and mother board before that one and put a dent in it :cry: so funds are low lol thanx for you help :D
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  1. Quote:
    Hi i just got my self a intel pentiumD 805 2.66GHz socket 775 processor and would like to no which motherboards i can use it with.

    You just told yourself what motherboards will work... go to newegg and choose motherboards, then narrow it down to socket 775 motherboards.... any of those will work.
  2. Actually no.... not all of them will work. Check the compatibility lists at the manufacturer's websites before buying. The Asus P5P800 in my sig doesn't support any of the Intel dual core chips.

    If you're using DDR ram and an AGP video card, I suggest going for an Asus P5P800SE. If you're using DDR2 ram and PCI-E, go for an Asus P5LD2

    Note: The P5P800SE may need a BIOS flash before being able to accept the 805
  3. Thats all the stuff i dont no about lol :?
    Im going to be using DDR Ram Pc-2300
  4. ok.... since it's ddr1, get the Asus P5P800SE I mentioned in my last post.
  5. Ty thats that sorted thank's to all of you for your time and help
  6. you just have to narrow down the choices my friend...what video card, memory module, and other peripherals do you have in mind?
  7. If you're planning on overclocking the CPU that board/ram won't work very well at all. If you aren't planning to overclock then go for it, it's still a nice quick setup.
  8. Hi dont think this is the one for me as it doesnt have a PCI-E on it.
    I was thinking of getting a Asrock 775Twins-HDTV S/L Motherboard INTEL Socket 775

    thats it on ebey it was of the one from the diy 4 GHz Dual Core Gaming Rig For €600 of this site so im taking this one will work with it.

    Does it just makeing sure lol thanx :D
  9. i recommend an intel chipset like 945, 965 or 975..the brand is really not a matter ...in my experience you`ll only have to pay more for a branded mobo like gigabyte, asus, msi etc.....asrock is doing a very good job

    i have a few hints ... now depending of how much money do you have....
    gigabyte seems to be doing a good job when integrating intel chipsets...
    ga-8i945p,l,g,pg, ge-rh looks cheap and very reliable...
    as for oc-ing they are ok.....msi does a better job when cames to oc-ing...
    my favourite gigabyte setting is top performance..it ensures you better mem timings and stability.....

    now it all cames down to mem modules ..i recommend to you a low timing module ...ddr2 has higher bandwith ..arround 2,5 or 3 gbps dual channel of course.....ddr has only arround 2 gbps also dual channel so...i think ddr2 is the way...and pci-e ....there is no point of going back to old agp set no matter how long you plan to keep your new sistem...

    good luck and came back with details
  10. That is way over my head could you just give me a list of motherboards and ill pick with your help lol thanx :D
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