ATI's Single-PCB Dual-GPU Plans

maby this is old news but here it is, with an image
so if the future ati's gpu's will have 2 "cores" no wonder ati is planing to redesign their heatsink/fan solution
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  1. I hope ATi can come up with an idea before nVidia (or Ageia) soon, they've been playing copycat for quite a while.

    Still the prospect of a competiter to 7950 is good, as is the inevitible price drop for top line 1900 cards.
  2. i agree im shoor the 1900xt will be going for that 350 or even 300 when the dx10 series gpus will come out, itll be similar to intel's core 2 duo influence on Pentium D's,....thinking of it its quite posible that the ati's dx10 series will most probable have 2 cores, just by looking at the asus's aproach to their motherboards, (in the past asus's P5wd2 seies, were ready for xfire relatively early, atleast the info about using 2 gpus n their mobos), and if we look at the 2 mobos that asus is shiping aut already the higher end P5W DH, and teh P5B (which does not suport xfire, cut suports conroe) and looking at this info the thought of having less stres(advertising wise) on xfire comes to my atention, so maby ati's "dual cards" will be coming out very soon, also the fast ati is redesigning their cooling systems (hsf), lol i know that theis 2 core card looks nicer than teh 2 card's in one solution implemented by nvidia (althou nvidia might have an advantage there in the cooling, so that each core has its own /separate hsf.
  3. lol actualy looking at that card i got an idea how the new ati's cooling might look it might have 2 separate ducts, with 2 separate fans so that the hot air is only "mixed" together closely to the exhaust oles in the back, otherwise if there would be only 1 fan the second core would not be cooled down eficiently enough (the hot air from the core onthe right would bypas teh heatsink of the core on the left ) and would minimiz the cooling capabilities of teh system, althou if ati makes a cooling system that exhausts teh air back to the case ...that would realy suck a lot :cry:
  4. Quote:
    I hope ATi can come up with an idea before nVidia (or Ageia) soon, they've been playing copycat for quite a while.

    Still the prospect of a competiter to 7950 is good, as is the inevitible price drop for top line 1900 cards.

    With rumors of AMD thinking purchasing ATI they may or may not have to. I enjoy reading this article over ar Ars because it fills me with glee, of course it could be exactly what the article states, rumors. Here

    EDIT: Sorry, when I saw nvidia and Ageia I thought right away you meant in realm of physics processing, my mistake...
  5. i looked at this pic

    has anyone else noticed the weird circuit board? that is it looks as if it would be burned in many places, as if some acid spilled on it or something, its weird, or its just me? (also neer the core on the right the green surface looks bubly , i would say thats not normal, lol maby gecube got that card fried lol :wink: also the chipes look smoldered ( on the botom left) and there are some pieces mising on teh top left, this board is a rev 0.1 so i gues this was their only (first/prototype like mordel) , so i gues they didtn trust the fotogtapher :wink:
  6. ick, looks like that card has been beaten... I can see what you're talking about though.
  7. yup it must have been burned up as well lol ....btw the fast of having 1 gpu for visuals, and the other for either physix, or visuals is AWSOME lol, so there might be a time when a customer can decide what is more useful to him at a certain time and choose :D
  8. I think that's awesome as well, but at the same time isn't nVidia doing the same thing. I mean AMD has a different approach where a seperate socket will exist on the motherboard for a co-processor that can be specifically made for physics processing. These would be connected via their HyperTransport link. From what I understand, the difference between the GPU vs a physics coprocessor is that the GPU doesn't talk much back to the CPU, so it would be rendering things that do not effect gameplay. Whereas AMD's idea of the physics coprocessor is that it WILL render the physics that do effect game play such as a blown up wall with AI behind it.

    That's just my understanding from the Ars article I linked.
  9. the nvidia gpu has 2 gpu cards combined into one i think i the model 7950 ( im not shoor) they both have one pci expres plug , ati's (from the link above) has 2 cores (chips) on one singly card.
  10. nVidia has two cards (basically) as one card using one PCI-E slot. ATI will have the GPUs on one board, which only looks different.

    ATI and nV shouldn't be sticking two GPUs on one card with current cards, when they release DX10 cards, they should do that for the extreme high-end.
  11. isnt the 1600 version going to come with those 2 gpus (on ati's side)
    lol so i gues those 2 gpu's in a dx10 board would cost around $700 or so :cry:
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