ati Crossfire on Nforce 4 SLI mobo (Msi K8N Diamond Plus)


please help i'm planning to buy 2 pcs ati x1900xtx .Does my (msi k8n diamond plus) mobo Support Ati crossfire? :?: tnx
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  1. no you will have to buy nvidia
  2. sorry you could still buy one 1900
    an it would work fine
  3. have you tried it sirheck? ang what ati pci-e you use? .
  4. Sorry, as your board is an "SLi" compatible board, 2 x1900xtx's or any ati crossfire combo will not work. SLi is NVidia's system of linking 2 NVidia cards and is not compatible with ati. As Sirheck said, one ati card will work fine but you just wouldn't be able to use the interface to link 2 cards.

    On the other hand 2 x NVidia cards will work sweet. If you seriously need 2 x x1900xtx's in crossfire then you will need a new motherboard.
  5. True but I have heard mixed results - it still won't be anywhere near as effective as a new motherboard. If you can afford to buy 2 x1900xtx's then you can afford a new motherboard in my eyes ;)
  6. yes my brother has an msi k8neo4 sli.
    with an x800xl in pcix.
    works great.
  7. Quote:
    you mean pci-e and we're talking about crossfire not single card configs.

    He was just replying to a question he was asked earlier ;) guess he forgot to use the quote button...ah well, no probs hehe
  8. sorry guys
  9. Technically, i don't see why 2x crossfire cards wouldnt work on an SLi motherboard.

    crossfire does all the compositing between the two cards via the dongle as apposed to SLi which uses bridge+PCI-e.
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