What is the optimal atitool artifact scanning sensitivity?


I know that by default the sensitivity is pretty high but I was wondering if it would be better to lower it as artifacts get picked up with a relatively small overclock on my 9800 pro. What do you think the optimal sensitivity is so that when artifacts are picked up it will be later on. I dont want to see them in games tho.

Also, how many artifacts (at default sensitivity) would there need to be for you to notice them in a game (and yea i know its kind of an opinionated question but thats wat im looking for)?
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  1. Although I am no expert... I believe the best scanning sensitivity has a direct corolation to your budget.

    My x800xl has the XT PE core. I paid 140$ cash for something that was, at the time $400+...

    so i understand the immense value of my find... so i keep my sensitivty to the highest possible.

    If your card can be easily replaced... then maybe you can afford some artifacts.

    Your call mate... how much cash do you have to 'Burn' ?
  2. It's pretty much trial and error. I've had some games that are affected more then others. NFS Most Wanted is quite sensitive to artifacting. Civ 4 almost couldn't care less. I would set sensitivity to maximum, and just choose to ignore as many as you want, but at least to be aware they're there.
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