New HP Laptop Need to Reinstall Windows (SSD Help)

I have read several forums on how to (re)install Windows 7 on a new SSD. However, I have an issue, where I have a new HP laptop with a 500GB HDD and a 160GB SSD, both factory installed. HP installed Windows on the HDD, but I want it on the SSD. How should I go about uninstalling, reinstalling Windows 7?

My current approach is as follows, but please let me know if there are any steps I should add or remove.

1. Manually remove HDD from laptop. (Keeping it in will create a Windows back-up partition on it, which I don't want.)
2. Change boot-up order in BIOS to DVD, SDD. Restart to load Windows 7.
3. Delete all partitions on SSD, select all "Unallocated Space," and let Windows 7 partition and install a fresh copy.

This is where it gets tricky. Do I:
1. Reinstall the removed HDD.
2. Boot-up Windows 7 Install disk, delete all partitions on HDD and reformat HDD?

Also, when (un)installing the HDD, should I move the SSD to the primary hard drive bay in the Laptop? Or does this not matter anymore due to SATA? I know that you no longer need to mess with any jumpers with SATA, but am not aware if the hard drive bay matters.

Once I get Windows to boot-up on the SSD and the HDD reformatted, I will do all of the SSD tricks for speed.

Thank you ahead of time.
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  1. Make a set of backup DVD's for reinstall, then you can wipe both the ssd and hdd and the restore should put eveything back but with the ssd being the o/s drive.

    Or and my personal choice for my HP laptop, use a borrowed Win 7 OEM and install a generic W7 build without all the rubbish HP puts on, result faster and less resource hungry system.
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