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I want to get a new computer to play WOW on....nothing else. I was thinking of building my own computer but the cost is almost the same as buying a prebuilt off the shelf (plus, im not that handy). I like AMD chips much better but have heard that you can overclock the ball off the Intel pentium 805 D. Is this prebuilt system by Systemax

just as good and can I overclock it like a home built one? Will the motherboard prevent me from overclocking? Also, if this is not a good computer, can you recommend a decent parts list to play WOW on for under $800? Thanks in advance for all the help! :lol:
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  1. If you purchased good parts as opposed to buying a pre-built off of the shelf maybe the price is close, but you noticed that I said good parts.The pre-built won't have as good hardware that you can buy, especially at TigerDirect.
    If you buy that SystemMax you'll be sorry. You learn so much by building your own, but if you can't handle failure, if you get angry instead of hunkering down and getting to the bottom of a problem, if you'd rather call tech support rather than honing your troubleshooting skills, then by all means buy off of the shelf.
    I never have and never will do that.
    You'll get more help here if you build your own than if you buy, because you'll have to get your ballz busted for a while for buying pre-built before anyone will get to help with your problem.
    Think about it.
  2. not sure what computer you're refering to..fix your link :!: A systemmax of any type will most certainly not allow you to tweak much if anything at all. I would trust Dell more than them too. Plenty of systems could be had for 800 that will play WOW well. There are many custom manufacturers if you are interested in quality parts but desire NOT to monarch computers . If you question why you would pay for quality parts then think abou this. Systemmax and dell pretty much guarantee nothing on specs. Sure they might give you ddr2667.. what's the latancy? you might get a 7600gt but who's to say it doesn't have gddr2 instead of gddr3. what if they underclocked the card? Point is, you just won't know till you buy. We here who build do so because we want to be in the know.
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