AMD4000+ Cool n Quiet

I'm new here so go easy :)

I've got:
2GB am (2x1)
Asus A8nSLI deluxe

Is there anyway to oc the processor and keep the cool n quiet operational?
My PC is on for days at a time u see and I'd like to minimise the heat and power consumption.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You could download the drivers from AMD for cool n' quiet. Or you can just simply change the power options in the control panel.
  2. Thanks for your reply dude,

    My problem is that as soon as I oc anything it automaticaly switches cool n quiet off.
  3. Er, if you overclock then there would be no point in having a "cool n' quiet" CPU since it's going to run hot. How much are you planning in oc'ing?
  4. >> How much are you planning in oc'ing? <<

    Not much tbh, about 10% all round (gfx card/cpu)

    In an ideal world I wanted the extra performance for when I'm encoding or playing games but for the majority of time my PC sits Idle downloading files and my room gets v hot because of the extra heat the PC generates...I also wanted to take advantage of the lower power consumption = lower elec bills and Green friendly.

  5. forget the AMD drivers, use some tool like rmclock from rightmark that is much more configurable....
  6. Sorry that doesn't make any sense, like asking for a turbo charger in one of those cars that can turn off 4 of the 8 cylinders.
  7. yes , almost. Like the VTEC system of Honda: don't use much gas when it's not needed, but still be powerfull if you need it.

    rmclock monitors cpu load and as such you can have both worlds. Run very cool and lowspeed when you don't need the power, and have a very powerfull system when you need it.

    My cpu runs at 30 deg celcius max when surfing/typing/... and rmclock kicks in and pushes the cpu full speed when compiling,... (al the way up to 45 deg celcius)

    Why do you need to make a choice between cool and powerfull. Why should I put up with a overheated pc because I need that power only < 5% of the time?
  8. petur

    Thank've summed it up well :)
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