What is ATI's counter part to nvidias 7800 GT card?

HI, i was wondering what is ati's counterpart to nvidias 7800 GT?
and just curious whats teh difference in performance in a single card( that one) and sli? % wise ?, as well as the ati's counterpart, but the 7800gt interests me more, and its ati;s counterpart)
Thank You
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  1. The 7800GT is no longer in production, and has been replaced with the 7900GT; a similar car with more pixel pipelines and vertex shaders while retaining the same price. ATI's counterpart at the time of the 7800GT's release was the X1800XL and their counterpart to the 7900GT is suppose to be the X1900 GT, but the X1800XT being the same price or cheaper while performing better in all games makes it a better card.
  2. i asked the question in regards to the the 7800GT in a SLI configuration because this was suposibly used for a technology demonstration for Project Offset on G4 tv, which honestly was amazing(they suposedly also used a FX60 cpu, 2 gigs of ram 2-2-2-7, and that card)
    hers a link to the viseos:

    would a single 1900xt outpreform the 7800GT in SLI configuration cards?
  3. A single X1900XT will usually be outperformed by a pair of 7800GTs.
  4. It will outperform a single7800 GTX
  5. Yes it does, the point is the X1900 was not meant to be put up against a pair of cards but placed against it’s closest competitors at the time of it’s release, the 7800GTX and 7800GTX 512MB.
  6. are there maby any benchmarks online which show the sli nvidia card (the mentioned above) in comparison with the 1900xt? by how big a margin the sli configuration would outpreform the 1900xt?, are we talking here abou ta huge margin or a relatively minimal one? lets say 10 or max 20 ftps in fear, or far cry or half life 2?

    btw hers the link to the video i mentioned :
  7. If you look through tomshardware, you will find older benchmarks but they do not accurately represent how a pair would perform due to a few problems I've noticed such as an SLI pair of 7800GTs performing the same as a single 7800GT in Age of Empires III on toms interactive VGA charts, and the fact that Forceware release 90 is now out and improves SLI performance on nearly every title.
  8. A friend of mine has the 7800 GT's in SLI. He has them OC'd and is scoring 12,600 with some artifacts on 3DMark2005. I use a single X1900XT with some OC'ing (no artifacts) and am scoring 12,200 on 3DMark2005. The two are very close, you will not see a difference in games between the two. Newegg has the X1900XT right now for 355 dollars. You will not need a monster power supply to run just a single card. Here is the Newegg link:
    Happy hunting.
  9. I score around 12,600 in 3DMark05 without artifacts, and over 7,300 in 3DMark06.
  10. Quote:
    You will not need a monster power supply to run just a single card.

  11. If you run a single X1900XT you only need a 500 watt power supply (I use an offbrand Rosewill from Newegg). No problems after 6 months of use (both the processor and VC are OC'd--AMD 4000 @2.76 GHZ and VC is at max settings in ATI software --675 MHZ?--sry need to check exact number). I do not use the ATI tool SW.
  12. You only need a 500 watt power supply? 500 watt is enough for most SLI systems.
  13. pretty much, this was how it was gonna go...

    7800 gt = x1800
    7800 gtx = inspiration for ati to release the x1900 series

    7300 = x1300
    7600 = x1600

    7900 gt = x1900xt
    7900 gtx = x1900xtx

    i am saying the production equality, not the performance equality.
  14. That is incorrect, the X1800 XT was directly competing with the 7800GTX (and outperforming it in everything) when Nvidia decided to release the 7800GTX 512MB which boasted 512MB of very fast DDR3 with a faster core, which then was awnsered with ATI's X1900 series.
  15. well w/e G... i was just giving the guy a general idea... and also, i was talking about its release trend, not performance trend... learn to read plz kthx
  16. kthx? You are not helping him by offering him false information.
  17. lol its ok i was interested in performance wise relationships, but a bit of "history" wont hurt, actualy its interesting, thx
  18. dead right. false info is worse than no info.

    @ the OP: If you have any Q's about grafics cards, the first place to look and I mean the FIRST place is the sticky at the top of the graphics card forum. It will clear most issues up as to what you need to buy. It has been there for a long time, and there is alot of time w/ info in it that is repeated too much w/ answers to questions like these.

    as for the straight counterpart, you are asking about old hardware... the 7800/1800 gen cards are being phased out. 7900/1900 cards are current. beyond that it is pointless to argue about which is better b/c that list says it all. read it.

    The list is an absolute good.
  19. ok will check the list, didnt think of looking for that info there, thx
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