I have recently broken my laptop screen. I am looking at either to replace it myself of take it to a shop. But as I was looking around, I realized another question. Which is better, LED or LCD? Also, am I able to switch LED and LCD screens in laptops, for example, I have a laptop with a backlit LED screen, am I able to switch it with a LCD screen?
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  1. LED is better; it uses less power and looks better (Tom's most recent article). It's definitely more expensive though, and may not be worth it depending on how tight you are with your money.
  2. Switching LCD screens in a Laptop all depends on if...

    1. You can find the parts needed.
    2. You can find detailed instructions on your make and model of laptop on how to do it.
    3. If you feel comfortable enough to do it.

    Next, LED labeled displays on the current market are still LCD displays. When you see a monitor mentioning LED its referring to the technology used to back light the LCD. Its just marketing at its best (worst). LED back lit LCDs are great for laptops because of the lower power usage thus saving you battery life.

    OLED is a type of true LED display technology. But the likely hood of you being able to obtain and afford one is slim because they're still very expensive.
  3. You will also get better contrast ratio giving better blacks and less light bleed.
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    "LED" simply refers to a LCD with LED backlighting instead of traditional CCFL (florescent) backlight.

    LED backlight panels are lit from the edges instead of directly from behind. Therefore, there can be more backlight bleed from the edge of the screen than typical CCFL backlight. Also, depending on the quality of the amorphous material used to reflect the light towards the viewer, LED backlit panels can have less uniform backlight than CCFL backlight.
  5. There are edge lit and back lit led screens
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