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I have been having a problem with the looks of my Gforce 6200 OC the installation went well. I only got the card for one game World Of Warcraft. The card displays the game great. Although outside the game the simple things like pictures and videos are displayed terrible. Here is what the normal background on a website looks like the colors are off and scrambled.

Please Help I've tried everything.

thanks in advance

P. S. I have driver version and running on Windows XP MCE 2005
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  1. First, i would underclock the graphics card to see if the same articfacts kept appearing. If the problem persists, download the latest drivers. How much did you overclock?
  2. I never did any overclocking i installed it and it has just been giving me these problems... It says Overclocked on the box if that helps .. and if this is still the problem could some one direct me to a page that tells me how to underclock it. Thanks for the reply :) And Nvidia said I had the latest drivers.
  3. A friend of mine experienced sort of the same problem ; When he played a video it looked like it was in 8 bit...
    With him it was a driver related issue and believe he solved it with installing some customized driver like ; http://www.omegadrivers.net/
  4. Download Coolbits then you can underclock it.
  5. Thanks for the replies .. I think its gonna take me a day or two to figure out that costom driver though :roll:

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