can i use two ati gpu's on a nvidia sli motherboard

i bought my asus p5nd2-sli motherboard planning on using two nvidia gpu's in the sli setup, but i have found a really good deal on an ati radeon x850xt, $150, and am wondering if i can use two ati cards in a crossfire setup on an nvidia sli motherboard.
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  1. If you're planning on getting two X850XTs, then you'd be better off getting a single X1800XT.
  2. well, i want to buy one now and one later, when i have the money and would need more graphical power.
  3. I don't recommend that. Get one X850XT now, and then get a whole new DX10 card next year. Trust me, it'll be a much better deal for you.

    BTW, there were some cases where Crossfire worked on SLI boards, since CF is mostly software, but ATI's drivers may prevent that. (I hear)
  4. You should go with what prozac said, get a cheap X850XT now and get all new DX10 later, better solution than putting faith in 2 generation old cards to run after DX10 and Vista comes out. And if you check around the net, you should have no problem finding out ways to run XF with a SLI board as XF is almost all software, that's if you decide to go that route even tough it's not the most "efficient" one.
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