A Wierd Half-Life 2 problem.

Hey all,

I just installed Half-Life 2 because i'm very excited about my new ATi Radeon x800 XL 256MB =). But i'm very sad because i can't get HL2 to run. I remember playing the demo and thought i would finally install the full version.

My problem is, after i succesfuly install the game and click on the shortcut (or HL2.exe), and if i try to launch it from steam, <b>nothing</b> happens. I get an hourglass icon for a second, and then nothing. The only thing it does is opens HL2.exe in my "Processes" tab in task manager, and does nothing. I have installed it on my Pentium 4 laptop and the game ran fine.

Now, i think there are three posibilites to why my game won't start up on this particular PC:

1) It's because it has an AMD Athlon 64-bit processor.
2) The game doesn't like the version of Catalyst drivers i have.
3) HL2 is having some kind of conflict with my x800 for some reason...

This works on my Laptop, with a P4 2.8 Ghz w/ an ATi Radeon x600 PCIe but not my AMD Athlon 3400+ w/ a radeon x800xl.
Can you guys help me out? Thanks.
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  1. My full PC's specs should now be in my signature.

    <b>My Main PCs Specs</b>

    AMD Athlon 3400+ 64-Bit processor
    1GB of pc3200 RAM
    ATi Radeon X800 XL Video Card
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
  2. Have you registered your HL2 copy online, via Steam? If you do not have an internet connection the first time you want to play it, it won't work.


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  3. None of your 'possiblities' are the reason it isn't working.

    As above - Have you unlocked the game files via steam?

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  4. Well, there are couple things you guys missed - This also happens on the DEMO which i made sure i used 100% how steam instructed, and when i click "Launch Game" or whatever after it's updated <b>through steam </b> it has the same affect. Nothing happens. I have also done the same with my full version -- i launched it through steam and nothing happened.

    The fact that both the demo and full version won't work on my main PC, and the fact that I installed it exactly the same way on my laptop tells me that there is something up with my hardware...

    Far Cry would not launch with a certain set of drivers i had (back with one of my nvidia cards), so that's one of the first things that came to mind -- a video card driver problem.

    <b>My Main PCs Specs</b>

    AMD Athlon 3400+ 64-Bit processor
    1GB of pc3200 RAM
    ATi Radeon X800 XL Video Card
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
  5. well try it the new drivers... Don't launch the game from STEAM.

    make sure your FIREWALL is allowing that application to access internet.

    go to like.. Start/Programs/Valve-half life 2... or whatever folders it's in and try to launch the game that way.

    hope that helps cause that game is AWESOME!!

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  6. I know that when I couldn't get my Half-Life 2 working I had to tweak some of the files.

    Try this:

    Go into Program Files>Valve>Steam>SteamApps>(userID folder) and locate the Half-Life 2 folder. In it, you will find a bin folder. Copy all the files from the bin folder and copy them into the main Half-Life 2 folder.

    This worked for me. I also had to do this to get Day of Defeat Source to work for me.

    Good luck.

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  7. Or how about going to the dedicated forums run for steam/HL2. Bet you might find a more suitable answer there.

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