Digital vid software can't find my 1394 dig vid!

Built new pc. Athlon 1g, 512mem, All In Wonder Pro 128, 1394 card added for capturing dig vid from my Sony dcr trv900. Tried 2 trial vid edit programs. Ulead and PureMotion. Ulead can't find signal from camcorder at all. PureMotion does find it, but won't capture in digital mode. Only analog. And captures with difficulty (i.e. slow) I have directx 8.0, and microsofts latest DV camera update. The computer definately sees the camcorder, as it shows up in device manager when connected and turned on. I have the camcorder plugged in via the 1394 and turned on prior to starting the capture programs. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. I have seen problems with the ulead software i think it is low quality software and the format in witch it captures is not compatable with other programs. The best Software for 1394 editing is adobe premiere 6.1. I know the person who did the 1394 support and with 6.1 all the bugs are out. IT workes Great. The downside is that it costs alot......
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