What are you guys doing with your old intel stock coolers???

For many of us who have gone to aftermarket HSFs and water cooling what do you guys do with the old intel stock coolers???

I have cut mine up.....




Then I have attached it to my SB.... for some quiet passive cooling!

I have striped the old Intel fan and used it as a case fan. I have seen some people try to sell their old intel HSFs for about 5 bucks in computer swap meets (Australia)! I think this is a cheap and affordable way of passivly cooling down your SB and NB because usually MBs come with tiny HSFs and tiny fans that dont do anythink! Im even thinking of attaching some of the old intel HSFs to my raptor for additional quiet cooling!!!

For the attachement I have drilled a hole for the plastic push pin that goes into the intel HSF and then through the MB. I have also lapped the HSF just like I would for a normal CPU HSF.

The length of the old intel HSF remains the same but it was shaved thinner. A file and mini hack saw can cut intel HSF like butter.

I remind you there are no after market HSFs for my SB that would be narrw enough for SLI, because the SB is placed right in the middle of the two PCIe slots (P5N32 SLI Deluxe)!

I have also used a themal glue called alderite (bonds strengh remains strong up to 80 deg c) mixed this glue with AS5 in a 50/50 ratio.

This mixture of glue and AS5 was tested over a gas stove for its strengh and heat conductivity with scrap bits of intel HSF!

Thus it can conduct and transfer heat and still have a strong bond. The SB used to be really hot but now its room temp cool....

The HSF can be removed for by removing the plastic push pin and applying a couple of drops acetone to break the bond of alderite.
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  1. Good Idea!!

    How did you afix the Heatsink?? Need a mod for that too?
  2. That's a good idea; I never even thought of that. That silence would be bliss because my current northbridge fan is louder than all the other fans in my system combined.
  3. Wow, thanks a million!

    Now I'm really happy that I didn't throw those old stock coolers away... :D Just one question, what did you use to chop 'em up shaped like that? Oh, and also how did you attach it to the chipset? (lol, use it as passive cooling... what an excellent idea :wink: )

  4. Your second pic on the shack is blurry!!

    Can not tell how you secured it?
  5. I've used my 775 stock heatsink fan as a paper weight.
  6. Quote:
    I've used my 775 stock heatsink fan as a paper weight.
    I used my P4 2.4C Stock HS/F on my celeron 1.3. I love ghetto rigging stuff. :wink:
  7. I have part of an old Celeron cooler on my NB. I would have liked to make the sink wider but there is a toroid very close to one side of the NB. The heat sink is of course attached with Arctic Silver adhesive.

    Parts of a P1 cooler on the FET groups of my brushless speed controller for my R/C truck, again attached with Arctic Silver adhesive:

    And I have a P3 heatsink on my desk at home which stores small papers between the fins (no pic available).

    Lastly, I have an enormous heat sink at home from a Pentium 2 500MHz passive cooler for which I have yet to find a purpose. By enormous I mean about 4 inches by 6 inches with 2.5 inch tall fins.
  8. I just save the 775 hsfs from the "boxed" processors for use with tray/OEM CPUs, so I don't have to pay the extra $15+shipping just for a hsf.

    I like the metalshop work above, though!
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