What will I need for Supreme Commander?

First off, Thanks for any input you guys may have. I'm looking to build again within the calendar year. I'm running a 754 Athlon 64 3200, 1 gig PC3200, AGP 6800gt but don't know if this will cut it. Rome runs pretty well on high, but this may be a whole different beast. I will go with at least 2 gigs of ram, maybe 4. I'm waiting to see how Conroe really does and would also like to wait for DX10 cards. Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. Isn't S.C. coming out next year? That should give you some time before you need to make a decision.

    What's T.A.? I don't really play many games, so I don't know what you are referring to.
  2. The only way to know that answer will be when S.C. comes out. Then it will either be better then T.A., or it will be a maor disappointment. Seen too many games based on a good original turn out bad. I doubt that you will need 4 gig of ram, though.
  3. Total Annihilation, fun game. Looking into Supreme Commander.
  4. For DX10 cards.. I say don't buy first gen tech and your going to need vista for the dx10 cards and i doubt game companies will switch over to dx10. so any card with dx9 will be good. I dont think u'll need for 4 gigs of ram unless ur gonna do some number quenching o.0 And i have no idea what does games are. lol
  5. The problem is that DX cycles are really short too. I spent 350 on a decent card 1.5 years ago.........Nevermind. That's what makes gaming fun and will always ensure that the PC crowd stays ahead of the console gang. It's so much more rewarding to know you built something that could spank all the major consoles. Just look at Oblivion... If you've got the rig.
  6. My personal belief is that a game like Supreme Commander will require a computer upgrade for acceptable play. As I understand it, the AI will be nothing like we have seen before. The number of individual units available at any one time and the zoom in and out feature and all those other pretty things they are adding will require a very nice rig.

    My thought on all this is why play a game as demanding as Supreme Commander or Oblivion with the minimum requirements. These are the games that must be played with all settings on high. Anything else and you’d be cheating yourself out of a great experience.

    I am a bit worried that they will over design the game and it will loose what made TA so good.
  7. Here is what I dont understand.

    Games are shown to the public in real time rendering a year before they come out. By the time it is released (in the case of supreme commander a year away) the recommended specs are higher than that of todays top.

    Arent Beta's glitchy and more faulty, making it harder for current hardware to do the same job?

    This would mean if you bought top stuff today it will work when it actually comes around to the shelves. So if you have a FX-60/X2 5000+/FX62 or better (conroe :lol: ) and 2GB ram with SLi 7900GTX or X1900 crossfire you should be fine for all those games that are coming out next year since the real time rendering is donetoday.

    Thats just my theory, but its probably wrong because no hardware lasts that long delivering the same high standard. So what is it, do the developers have super hardware like prototype DX10 cards?
  8. Better much better
  9. E6600
    Mobo that will support Kentsfield
    2GB (2 x 1GB) OCZ Gold or Corsair XMS RAM
    160GB Seagate Barracuda (Or higher) OR 74GB (Or 150GB) 10,000 RPM Raptor HD
    Antec TruePower 550W Power Supply or better power supply
    X1900XT 512MB

    That system should be good enough, and I'm guessing that those games are strategy.
  10. Funny, thats almost what I have just ordered, but I have ordered a much bigger hard drive and a crossfire set-up. I am one lucky kid.
    Also my PSU is 50W better and made by Seasonic.
    Should I delete this post for wasting time and making people jealous, its just I never bragged about my PC before.
  11. Hope you're still watching this topic...

    Anyway, I would definately wait for DX10 cards. It looks like this game will be a beast, especially because it will take advantage of dual monitors 8O
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