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I recently rebuilt my TV computer with Windows 7 professional. My TV PC has an Nvidia 8600 video card and is connected to a HDCP compliant TV and a projector that is not HDCP compliant. I have the projector pointing at the same wall as the TV with a projector screen that drops down in front of the TV when I wish to watch movies on the big screen. (I do this because I also have a Wii in my basement home theatre and you can't really play games standing in front of the projector) Under Vista, I set the video card outputs to clone but when I ran PowerDVD Ultra for Blu-Ray, it would tell me I had to turn clone off to watch Blu-Rays. This was no big deal and when I only had the projector on as the monitor, Blu-Rays played fine. On Windows 7 though, I get Failed to enable HDCP. Please switch to analog output (VGA, D-Sub) and try again regardless of whether I have the PC set to cloned or only to the projector monitor. Now here is the goofy part. If I set the video card setting to clone and have the HDCP compliant TV on behind the screen, the Blu-Ray disk plays fine on the Projector. WTF? Can someone tell me how to switch to analog output as described by the error message? I can't find a setting in PowerDVD Ultra to do this. Will I just always have to have my TV turned on behind the screen? This doesn't make sense to me.
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    ^Some 8600 cards are not HDCP capable despite advertising such.
    ^Also check here. Some enabled HDCP for their card this way.
  2. As long as I have my HDCP capable TV on, the blu-ray plays fine on the second video output on the videocard (projector). The instant I turn off the HDCP capable TV, the Failed to enable HDCP. Please switch to analog output (VGA, D-Sub) and try again message displays on the video output of the projector. On Vista, I received the nag message about turning off cloning which I was fine with but even if I turn off cloning, PowerDVD Ultra will not play on the projector. If I have cloning on and I have the HDCP capable TV on, with Windows 7 the PowerDVD Ultra plays fine on both the TV and the projector. It seems that as long as a HDCP TV is detected by the video card, PowerDVD Ultra could care less what the other video output of the card is connected to, it will play in clone mode on both. I can also turn off cloning and just play on the HDCP capable TV and everything works fine. I guess I will just have to have my HDCP TV on if I want to play blu-rays on the projector.
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