Gaming card for a 52 inch Rear Projection HTDV.

A friend of mine plays all of his games on his tv. Older guy like to chill and play FPS.
Currently he has a 9800 pro and is looking to upgrade to a video card that will connect better to his tv. I will see him in a bit so should be able to provide more info on the TV. But what he said he needed was a video card with 6 pin svideo out. Not sure.
He is looking to spend under 200.00 and needs to be AGP.
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    And if he has component inputs, it'd be better to get an adapter for DVI -> Component. Svideo maxes out at 800x600 which is a horrible resolution to play games at.
  2. What kind of resolutions should he be able to get if he runs DVI-Coponent.
    I have never hooked up a computer to a tv before. Can't afford the HDTV.
    Currently when he plays games or his windows Icons the text is unreadable. I am assuming that he is runing at a crappy resultion.
  3. The 9800 Pro card does have a DVI out.
    Do I just need to get a DVI to Component converter cable?
    What resolution should I be able to achieve.
    Will this fix his text issue? I think what is happening is that he runs his computer resolution at 1024X768 and when the Svideo converts it to 800x600 it messes up the text and blurs everthing. He doesn't have a problem running games at 1024x768 he just whats to read the text on window Icons and ingame.
    I am not going to be able to check or install this stuff that is why I am asking so he doesn't buy something he doesn't need.
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