X2 4000+ AM2 vs X2 4400+ AM2 Overclock

how far can you overclock a X2 4000 and 4400 AM2 on air? on WC? it will determine if i get the 4000 or 4400.

i have seen some results as high as 2650 for the 4000 and 4800 for the the 4400...are these accurate?

thanks for your results
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  1. Good luck getting either.
  2. they are not hard to get
  3. Quote:
    Good luck getting either.

    the 3800+ hits 2.8 so there is no reason to think that they would not.
  4. You could possibly (dependent on many factors) hit 2.6-2.9 on either. The 4400 will be easier to hit the higher numbers with. On water cooling you could hit just a tiny bit higher then on air. Assuming your using a good wc vs a good air hsf (also assuming your not doing some kind of ice/slush cooled area for the tank to sit in instead of active cooling).

    Water coolers are funny...If you're cooling both a cpu and the nb then your water will be running hotter then it would just on the cpu...Likewise if you're trying to cool a gpu in addition to your cpu. Then you want to look at more tanks, a larger overall one, or preferably a second water system... If you get a crappy internal wc, you'll see the same temps you would see with a avg hsf. External water cooler with active cooling is the way to go if you're trying to keep temps down. There are always a lot of factors to look at...For instance if you're not running air conditioning...yea...that is going to adversely affect your higher oc regardless of water or air (again assuming your tank isn't submerged in slush heh).

    Anyway, if you're trying wc, buy a good brand, or put one together yourself (there are a few guides on how to put one together yourself out there:: i'm a fan of using a heater core from an '80s Chevette myself...but i haven't tried it myself). Additionally, if you decide to go with some type of wc...do not test it out for the first time on your hardware...test it outside to make sure it doesn't leak. ;)
  5. Quote:
    Good luck getting either.

    the 3800+ hits 2.8 so there is no reason to think that they would not.

    What I was refering to was the fact that AMD is going to stop making them soon.
  6. Getting an X2 to hit 2.8GHz means you have fortune following you... 2.6GHz is a more reasonable expectation for stable operation.

    My water cooled Opteron 175 has problems over 2.75GHz, but runs 2.64GHz fine.
  7. Yea my 3500+ and my 3800 x2 both have issues above 2.7...on air.

    on an si120 and p90 respectively...(however even though the temps were higher on the stock cooler...i couldn't increase my oc by even 1mhz with the better coolers... :x ).
  8. I have an X2 4000+ maxed out stable at 2.85GH with enhanced air cooling (Zalman 9500). Use the speed primarily for gaming and video processing.
    With the low cost of these CPU's it's worth the risk to get every Mhz possible.
  9. Spend $65 on a 3800+ F3 step Windsor, or the same for a 3600+ Brisby. Like RimasP said, its cheap... go for it.
  10. Someone of SpeedTime OC team had made his X2 4000+ work at 3.67GHZ with WC.
  11. I use brisbane core and 4000+ and 4800+. with both run at 3000 mhz, 4000+ are hard to get than 4800+, because the voltage, and more voltage = heat. but is posible in my pc's

    1. 4000+ Brisbane core at 3000 mhz = 286 fsb x 10.5 multiplier and stable at 1.45v
    2. 4800+ Brisbane core at 3000 mhz = 240 fsb x 12.5 multiplier and stable at 1.37v
  12. Brisbane 4000+ default 1.25/1.35V (forgot which), DDR2 800 @ 667mhz (with overclocking = 808mhz). 2.8ghz at about 50c.

    edit: opps forgot: ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro 92mm air cooled.
  13. I have taken my Brisbane 4000+ X2 all the way to 2.9GHz. I firmly believe it will hit 3.1+GHz (or more) stable, given the rest of the system is capable of handling that speed.

    The only reason my OC hit a wall at 2.9GHz is because of my RAM. Right now I have the clock set at 2.8GHz and the RAM will not break loose from the lowest divider.

    FYI. My rig is externally water cooled with dual 150mmX200mm radiators that use 140mm fans. The pump pushes 500+GPH and 6 feet of head. I will be taking this little Brisbane chip to it's limits when I get some better RAM.
  14. X2 here, very easy to get to 2.62GHz, 250HTT, HTT>CPU 4x Memory at default+CPU OC=875MHz. More than that gets unstable. Default voltage (1.248v), default multi(10.5) & stock cooling.

    Check in the upper right corner.

  15. My 4800+ Brisbane 3.125Ghz on air @ only 1.41 Vcore :pt1cable: and i haven't seen any other 4400+ even close.. The 4800+ @3Ghz (witch is easy to achieve) is equal to the 6000+ on performance. So I would say the 4800+ considering the prices..

    Processor : AMD 64 X2 4800+ Brisbane @ 3.125 Ghz (250*12.5) 1.41V
    Motherboard : ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe
    Memory : DDR2 800Mhz = 4 X 1Gb Transcend
    Graphics : XFX GeForce 8800GS 384MB @ 725/950/1700
    Sound : Soundblaster Audigy 5.1
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