Malware and BSOD problems

I recently got attacked from malware..
yea sucks..
so far i have put my computer in safe mode and scanned it with malewarebytes, found some infected files and put them into quarantine. After that i it says i have to restart my computer. I do. The next thing that happens is BSOD...
the error is always 'INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR'
i read on a forum that you can you kaspersky for malware ,some TSDD.exe thing. well i used it and got stuck at 80% and it stops working. i tried system restore and it worked (still BSOD every time i shutdown though) and now it's back again...
I would really like to figure out how to COMPLETELY get rid of it without re-installing windows 7 again D:
if it's a last resort then i don't mind, but there has to be a way other than that!

If you guys can help me solve this problem that would be MUCH appreciated!
Thanks! :D
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  1. Can you boot from your Windows 7 disk and choose Repair? This can ususally sort out most startup-related issues once you've removed viruses/malware.
  2. but honestly though, if you have that much malware, even if you get rid of it all, half of your system files will be messed up and things will run slower. its best to just reinstall.
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