30GB external harddisk - but only 7.5 GB recognised

I have a hitachi DK23CA-30 harddisk in an Argosy HD260 external USB hd case. The capacity is 30GB but only 7.5 GB are recognised. When I try to partition it in Computer Managment -> Disk Managment only those 7.5 GB are recognised. Does anyone have an idea how I could enable the rest of the capacity?
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  1. Two things you could try.....

    There is a Feb 2006 driver for the HD260, might be worth a try installing.
    Argosy Site

    Also, what about removing the hard drive from the enclosure and installing it in your PC. Then partition it and format it before returning it to the external box. Long shot but what have you to lose? :D

  2. Thanks for the reply. The driver on the Argosy website is a win 98 driver which most probably wont help me too much.
    But your right I should hook up the drive directly to some ide cable (and not via USB), its just that I dont have a laptop or cable adapter at hand with which I could connect the 2.5" drive.

    nice day
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