FS/FT Opteron 254's, Areca 1220, 4GB OCZ ECC ram

Price Drops!

I'm selling off my workstation parts to make some cash for a C2D system. Here they are:
CPU: (2) Opteron 254's $500 OBO
RAID: Areca 1220 w/all the accessories except the box $450 OBO

I would entertain trades for E6600, 680i mobos, good overclocking ram etc. for a C2D system. Pics are available upon request. Feel free to ask questions.

Heatware: rkirkham
Ebay: wrkirkham31
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  1. Morning bump and price drops
  2. I will buy 1 or 2 sticks of RAM.
  3. Make sure your mobo supports ECC ram.
    --> just making sure.
  4. Also. that raid card lists for ~$500 new. Are you including anything else with it that is not included in retail?

    Opteron 254 : $470
    New Egg
  5. I don't know if my mobo can use it.

    This is it.
  6. It is not a server board so no it does not support it. Some of the upper tier enthusiast boards do support ecc ram though, and this is not one of them.

    Your manual reads:

    "the four DDR DIMM slots can accommodate up to 4GB of PC3200 unbuffered non ECC memory"
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