Parts FS: ATI 9800 Pro, Athlon 2500+, Abit AN7, & more!

The laptop has been placed on eBay after no interest was garnered here. I'm back with more stuff to sell though.

Abit AN-7 Socket A Motherboard - [read product specs here] $50
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Mobile "Barton" @ 1.86GHz default $50
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB AGP 8X/4X $60
Antec SmartPower 2.0 400W [product specs here] $40
$180 for the bundle

Motherboard = has an updated BIOS, though it isnt the MOST up-to-date version out there. But the BIOS isn't the out-of-box version.
Chipset fan has crapped out. It will spin if you give it a nudge, but it'll usually choke out and stop spinning. This seemed to happen on most Abit Socket A motherboards. I never had a problem with heat.

CPU = was formerly overclocked but still works fine at its rated speed. Haven't tried OC'ing in about a year. I had to chip at 2.5GHz ~2 years ago. But the summer heat forced me to downclock and I wasn't able to get the OC that high ever again. The chip was being cooled by a water-cooling set-up. I havent plugged the CPU into the Socket A motherboard recently, but I remember I had to manually set the multiplier and FSB to achieve 1.86GHz, as the BIOS was defaulting to something like 800MHz when I would install the chip.

Video card = ~2 years old. Was sent to me directly by ATI as a replacement for a video card that started artifacting. I've had no issues with this card, works great.

PSU = works fine, it's about ~2 years old.

I have the original box, driver disc and manuals for the motherboard. The CPU and Video card were delivered to me OEM. The PSU, I'm not sure if I have the box, if I do, I know where to look, but no guarantees. If you're interested PM me and/OR post here. I'd prefer to sell as a bundle and would knock a little off the price to whomever wishes to buy the bundle.
peace -

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  1. $i want the video card, (ah the memories).
    Price is too high for fun though.
  2. Are you going to throw in a couple turkey ranch and bacon wraps with a large jalapeno bite with that?

    Arby's really sucks ass as an employer you know. They chain you to the ovens and crack the whip demanding that you making you make beef and cheddars and arby melts faster from dawn until dusk and throw you a few pennies and call it a day. And don't piss off Oven Mitt or he'll have you beheaded.
  3. It's all been eBay'd! Also an ATI Radeon 8500 128MB was put up as well! PM me for Item #'s
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