Just an annoying situation i've gotten myself into!

Okay so i was trying to remove MSN Explorer via 'Add/Remove Windows Components' in windows and i accidently removed everything except MSN... Internet Explorer, Network Services, everything but the component i intended to delete! Now this isnt the real problem as i know how to reinstall windows components (from XP CD), the problem is that i dont know what the default Windows components selections were before i messed everything up and so i dont want to go installing uneeded components that i didnt have in the past... I have just installed the obvious so far, Int Explorer and Acc and Utilities. What i need to know is, What is the default Windows components selection exactly? so i can set everything back to normal. My system seems a bit unstable at moment and its definately cause of what i did so i need help on this as soon as possible, thanks.
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  1. Look i need help on this, im goin abroad tomorrow for 2 weeks so i just wanna get this sorted....
  2. I'm not sure exactly what the defaults are but mine is set at:

    Accesories + Utilities
    Internet Explorer
    Networking services
    Update Root Certificates
    Windows Media Player
    MSN Messenger

    Hope that helps.
  3. Hey thanks, just what i needed. Any other inputs welcome.
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