PC randomly shuts monitor off

Hi, I am haveing a problom and i would like to tell you about it. My pc is

Abit NF8-V2 754
Amd 3400 2.4
1gig Ram ddr 400 (runs at 333) no idea why
Geforce 6800
Thermaltake 460 Watt PSU

My problom was that my motherboard died i had a chaintech, I replaced it with the ABIT NF8, Wow what a proformance boost lol. Anyhow my pc works great with every game i throw at it. But its been acting up lately.. Ill be playing battlefield2 or even browsing the web when suddenly my monitor shuts off and my pc is still on. but it does not respond to anything exept the power button. im not sure whats causing this the only thing i can think of is my videocard maybe? i have no idea please help
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  1. what are the temperatures like for your cpu and gpu? Did you reinstall windows when you got your new motherboard?
  2. Sounds like it could be an issue with either the BIOS or Windows power-saving software. I've run into similar issues on games that aren't using Windows for their I/O; Windows thinks nobody is using the computer, and after 5', 15', or whatever the setting in the Power Options, it will turn off the screen and/or hard disks, or save everything in RAM to hard disk and go into sleep mode.
    First thing to try is to disable Windows' shutting off the screen after non-use (in Power Options under the Control Panel). If that doesn't work, check your BIOS' power-saving settings.
  3. Yes i reformatted windows, and my cpu temp is useually 48-51C and videocard 42-45
  4. Hmm, surprised no-one has asked about the monitor...

    They don't last forever - maybe youres is on the blink. Have you tried borrowing another monitor and seeing if you get the same problem?
  5. I tend to agree with Llamaman, I helped my son build a system so he could play Doom 3. Specs were good but the system seemed to be playing, going blank, etc etc. About a month after we built it, the monitor died.
    Result bought new good one, what do you no. Problem solved 8)
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