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Hi. I am kinda new to the gaming thing but have found I LIKE it! So heres the deal.
My brother gave me his old AMD K7650. I want to wed it to an Abit KA7-100, with 512 mb of pc133 SDRAM(Kingston), GeForce 2MX card(also given to me new), and use an IBM Deskstar hd (61.5gb). I have been running a dual boot sys of NT4 and win95(which I SELDOM ever use). I really like the NT4.0 with sp6. However I have been told that if I want to game I would like win 98 SE. As I have read some of the threads, is it a good thing or ok thing to set up a dual boot with NT4 and WIN 98 SE? Which o/s is most stable for gaming? I am not oc'ing (yet).
Once I get my game box running I would like to network it with 2 other older boxes I have. Would I keep NT4 for that purpose?
Thanks for your help! This looks like fun. :-))))
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  1. Windows 98 SE is proven to be the best OS for gaming, along with Win ME. Windows NT4 is mainly for business or networking use. If all you plan to do is use it for a home network, go with Windows 98 SE, it works just fine. I use Windows 2000 pro, because of it's stability due to the NT kernel. I've had no problems with games with it, except older ones. Basically, if I were you, I'd go with 2000 Pro, but if not that, stick with just Win98SE.
  2. I'd go for 98SE for gaming. If you want a dual boot system, make Win 98SE your main (C:) OS and stick the other OS on another partition.

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  3. I'd replace 95 with 98, leaving NT4, or consider upgrading nt4 to 2000, 2000 has all the features of nt 4 but with more of a 98 "look" to it, it is also aparantly more stable but I never had any probs with nt4. It really depends what you are doing with it, a lot of people use 2k just for the stability, but if you are networking then nt/2k is the way to go because of the networking features etc.However if you simply want to share files/printer over your lan then 98 will really be sufficient, its only when you want to control access to individual files etc that nt/2k comes in.

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