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I currently have a Dell 4600 Dimension with 3.06 Intel (boo) ghz and 2gb ram with a GeForce 6600 (the cheap Chaintech). I was given this computer minus the video card. I play a lot of games during downtime at work and so far I have been satisfied.

I am thinking about buying the eVGA 7800GS AGP card for this machine and was wondering if it will be a big boost from the 6600. I do not plan on going to PCI-E until mid next year and that is why I am thinking about buying this card (AGP is dead I know).

I can't find much info online about comparing a 6600 vs. 7800GS so everyone's input on this would be cool.

The 7800GS goes for $270.00 now.
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  1. 7800GS will totally beat the living crap out of a 6600. If you're a gamer, that's a great upgrade for you.
  2. I am happy with the 6600 for normal gaming but I want to enjoy AA, etc. Thanks for the reply. I think I will get it. After it ages I will frame it on a wall as being the last great AGP card.

    I also bought a Zalman Fata1ity VGA cooler, so overclocking will be fun!

    Anyone know what type of O/C I can squeeze out of this thing?

    Oh I did upgrade the PSU to a 450W, the Dell came with a 250W when I got it! (GAG)
  3. I'm not going to disagree with your upgrade: However take into consideration your PSU and the GPU's requirements before just throwing that card in the machine.
  4. The 450W PSU I have in the machine now provides 22A on the 12V rail. The 7800GS requires 20A. I also only have 1 HDD and 1 DVD-RAM drive in the system along with no floppy and a SB Live!

    Plenty of power to go around.
  5. If you go 7800GS, why not go with a 7900GT?


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