Best Oblivion Drivers?

Hey guys! I was wondering what you thought to be the best Oblivion drivers. You see, I'm using a X1600 Pro, and, before updating my drivers for Oblivion, it set everything on 1024 res to low, sometimes medium, I upgraded my drivers, and it reconfigured my settings automatically to everything maxed (every slider at least), with HDR and so on. So I did a reformat, and updated my drivers this time, almost no change in the settings after upgrading from the install disc that came with the video card. So my question to you is:

What is the best ATI driver for Oblivion?
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  1. I use ATI's drivers, they work well and allow me to OC to 690/1600 stable... and getting 5,040 3DMarks06 ain't bad for an X1800XT!
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