2Mb or 8Mb Cache - how much difference.

I ordered a DiamondMax 10 (80Gb) with 8Mb cache on eBay, but got one with 2Mb cache :cry:

Obviously, I'm in touch with the seller about it but was wondering just how much difference the cache will make for basic internet and word processing use.

Your opinions would be very much appreciated.
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  1. That's quite a large difference; go for the 8mb if the price isn't too great.
  2. well , u would load more stuff at one time with 8mb of cache

    there is a performance difference but its marginal
  3. The difference doesn't matter unless your moving alot of files.
  4. No difference at all in every day apps. The cache is only effectively used when the OS transfers sequential data but it takes a long time to process them. In this situation a bigger cache reduces HD latencies.
    I owned that two devices and never noticed any performance difference in games, graphics, video editing and office application. Only in heavy DB applications I noticed a difference.
  5. I notice enough of a difference to make it worth while. There is definately a difference going from 8 to 16 though (for future reference).
    I multitask a lot, and game 10-15hrs a week.
  6. I don't know if it is still the same but at one point Maxtor only put a 1 year warranty on the 2Mb Cache drives compaired to a three year on the 8Mb ones.
  7. Thanks to everyone for their replies. I've decided that in my case it isn't likely to make much difference so I'll just ask the seller to refund the difference in price.
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